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The AOAA hosts fundraising events and other supportive campaigns for important community organizations. The AOAA also supports in-person and virtual events held by the active chapter every year, including Breakfast In Bloom Charity Brunch, Guilty Pleasures Bake Sale, and many other great initiatives.

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Woman's Crisis Services

Woman's Crisis Center is an outreach center located in the Waterloo Region. They empower women and children to move beyond violence through emergency shelter, outreach services, and education.

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Black Women in Motion

Black Women in Motion is an advocacy and support group for black women, non-binary, and GNC survivors. BWIM provides education on gender-based violence and mental health. 

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Philanthropy is another way to get involved in a community while giving back. We are incredibly proud of the efforts our sisters have made in their communities and the contributions they make toward organizations they believe in. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see examples of philanthropy our sisters have participated in.

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