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Guidance from an older sister can be a great help in facing the challenges
of life as a new graduate, trying to find your way in the world.


The AOAA created a mentorship program, pairing alumnae sisters with active sisters in their
last year at Laurier. The mentorship program runs for the full school year,
where the mentor and mentee connect on a monthly basis. 

Need a little guidance? We have added in webinars suggestions to help you
with the themes of the mentorship program.


Want to mentor but not able to commit to a year-round program?
Consider attending a Career Night.
Contact the Alumnae Advisor for more information.

Mentorship Themes

School Notebook


Applications Sent and Matches Made

Graduation Ceremony


Resolutions and

Career Goals

Food blog



Passions and Hobbies

Working in Lab


Workplace and

Industry Culture

Coming Soon
Female Developers


Resume Revamp and Online Resume

Photographing proofs and inspirations


Interview Skills and Professional Portfolio

Laptop Writing


Cover Letters, Statement of Intent and Writing

Shaking Hands


Networking and Relationship Building

I am interested

If you are an alumnae sister who would like to be involved in the program or an active Alpha Omega sorority sister in her final year, please contact the Alumnae Advisor.

Business Consultant
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