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Welcome (back) to the good life


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Being an alumnae can feel isolating at times. Take some time off and enjoy being social with your sisters again. Join one of the quarterly events, or join us online every third Sunday of the month for our monthly meeting.

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Graduating can be an intimidating time, but it doesn't have to be. We offer a variety of programs to help navigate the world of post-graduation, or simply to learn something new. You can also pay it forward by mentoring a new grad or hosting your own seminar.

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Working Professionals

Part of being a sister is supporting your sisters. Many sisters have gone on to start their own businesses. Whether that's their full time passion or their side hustle, consider checking out what our talented sisters are up to.

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Regardless where you are in the world, we want you to feel connected to the sorority. We provide you with the latest updates through our blog and the quarterly edition of The Sunflower: Alumnae Edition. 

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We've gone digital! With the help of the active chapter, the AOAA has digitally recorded historical documents that give you a window into sisters pasts. From ritual pages to family tree, walk down memory lane.  

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Wearing letters is one way we can feel connected to each other as sisters. Check out our shop and Gently Loved page to get some new letters, or thrift a vintage pieces from another sister's closet. 


keeping up with the Sisters

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