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Why do we sign off messages with "HTI"?

HTI is a reminder of one of the pillars of the sisterhood - Harmony Through Individuality. We like to remind ourselves of that pillar by including it in our messages to alumnae and active sisters. It’s not a requirement, but it is another way we like to say that we love our sisters and what makes them special. 

What happens at monthly alumnae meetings?

The monthly alumnae meetings are held to keep alumnae in the loop regarding changes in both the Alumnae Association and the Alpha Omega chapter at Wilfrid Laurier University. Each meeting is concluded with a ritual to help sisters bond with other alumnae - just like at chapter meetings. To attend a meeting, follow the zoom instructions posted here (Members-only page). Can't make a meeting? That's okay! We always take meeting minutes and post them on the blog (Members-only page).

Why is information not shared on the Facebook group anymore?

In an effort to reach as many sisters as possible, the Alumnae Association has decided to not use Facebook as the main point of contact. We will be utilizing the website to host information, and will be sharing links through both the Facebook group and the email newsletter. In order to access said information you will need to create an account through the website. 

Why do I need to create an account on the website?

Our number one priority as an association is to serve the alumnae of Alpha Omega Sorority. In order to do this, we need to ensure the privacy of sisters is protected. This is why the programs being offered to alumnae are kept safe behind a members portal. Only verified alumnae sisters of Alpha Omega are approved by the Alumnae Association to create an account. If a program is in collaboration with the active chapter, the individual page will be password protected so both actives and alumnae may access.  

What is the difference between "alumnae" and "alumni"?

There are a couple of variations when referring to a graduate, all dependent on gender orientation and the Latin language. The spelling "alumni" refers to multiple male graduates ("alumnus" for singular) whereas "alumnae" refers to a female graduate ("alumna" for singular). The term "alumni" has also been used as a gender-neutral term for a body of graduates. Since we are a female-based organization, we choose to use the spelling "alumnae" in our content. However, you may see the spelling "alumni" in  some of our older documents (example: when referring to the Alumni Advisor position). If you have any questions or comments regarding the spelling used, please contact the executive team

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Sorority Clothing

sorority clothing

Can I sell/ donate clothing to other sisters?

Yes! Letters are always welcome to be sold / donated to the active members or other alumnae. You may post in one of the Alpha Omega official Facebook groups, post it on the Gently Loved website page (password protected page), or contact your Alumni Advisor.

Can I give my sorority clothing away as a hand-me-down?

That depends. Non-initiated siblings, children, pets, friends, significant others, parents etc. are not permitted to wear Alpha Omega's lettered clothing. However, philanthropy and Greek Week shirts are permitted to be worn by non-initiated sisters.

Can I donate my sorority clothes to a second-hand/ thrift store?

Shirts cannot be donated to second-hand / thrift stores as someone who is not initiated will likely purchase them. Municipal textile recycling programs are available, but it must be ensured that the garments are shredded or cut before drop off. Otherwise these programs may still donate usable clothing to a second-hand shop.


How do I place an order?

The shop is only available to registered website members. Login to your account then explore the shop page. Once your order is placed, follow the instructions to send an e-transfer to the AOAA team at  

What currency does the shop accept?

At this time, the shop only accepts Canadian Dollar (CAD). Any transactions made with another currency are subject to an exchange rate by your banking institution. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

How do I receive my order?

Items will available for free pick-up at select locations in Ontario, Canada (Toronto, Brampton, Barrie, Cambridge and London). If you wish to have your order shipped within Canada, there is a $16 flat-rate fee. If you live outside of Canada, please contact us at to get a shipping quote. The cost of shipping will be expensed and added to your total.

Shop Questions

get involved

How do I become a member of the alumnae executive team?

Each executive position is held for a term of two years. In the last six months of a term, elections are held for the new executive team. You will be asked to submit an application for the position you are interested, and in the case of two or more applicants, the position will be voted on by the general alumnae body. For more detailed information, please refer to the sorority and alumnae association official documents (Members-only page).

Can I apply to more than one position?

Yes! If you are running unopposed in both position categories, a person may run for and hold more than one position. 

What is the time commitment like?

It depends on what you want to do. To be a member of the executive team, there is a commitment of around five hours per month. For the mentorship program, about an hour a month. There are also opportunities to be part of an event committee or individual project. We know that it can feel overwhelming to take an active role. What ever contribution you are available to make, our team will work with you so you feel involved and included. 

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