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Tash Reynolds

Business Consulting


About the Business

I started my first company when I was 20. It was a painting company. I told my dad I was going to make $50,000 and he told me he would quit his actual job if I did.

Spoiler alert: He did not quit his job.

I hired my friends and we spent the summer painting houses.
Oh the lessons: like not actually knowing anything about painting and needing my mom to teach me, going door to door to beg for work, not completing projects on time and losing money as a result. I actually had to get another job so that I could make enough money to pay for university.

Did I make $50,000 that summer? Ummm No. But a few good lessons did help me get way beyond this number years later.

My dream is to show you how to do this too, so that you can get on with livin’ your dream life without it taking the 15 years it took me.

The Owner

Natasha Reynolds

Natasha Reynolds

Hey, I’m Tash!
I'm an online business coach for creative business owners who want to see their passions make profit. I help emerging entrepreneurs build impact based businesses that give back and make money - yes, these two things can exist in perfect harmony.

I have over 15 years of coaching and development experience, a degree in Psychology and I’ve built multiple impact based companies over my days on this planet. I can’t wait to journey with you.

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