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HERstory and Co.



About the Business

HERstory & Co now operates as a social enterprise- a business with social purpose. This structure enables us to bring our products and services to you while also supporting causes and charities that are important to us through donating a portion of the proceeds from our sales.

Not only does HERstory programming serve women of all ages in Grey and Bruce counties, but around the world. HERstory has expanded into three countries and continues to grow. All who identify as women are invited to tune in to their online meetings, and everyone is welcome to attend quarterly retreats.

The Owner



Gillian and Marissa co-founded HERstory & Co in September 2018 under the title HERstory: Women’s Empowerment Initiative. They had both just graduated from post-secondary and were struggling with the transition from student life to the workforce. They noticed a massive gap in services for young women in Grey and Bruce counties, where they grew up in Southwestern Ontario. The pair started a peer- to-peer community group to find other young women in the same situation, and the group quickly took a life of its own.

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